As of today the common man is not aware of the problems of  a hearing impaired child.
And if a deaf child is born in a house in a remote rural area, where the family is illiterate and financially weak, the child is far from any development.
Taking into consideration these facts , Cochlea organizes camps for born deaf babies. These babies are checked by an ENT doctor. Then after the audiometery test, they are given a hearing aid trial. Their parents are first confused when they are told that the child is deaf. They are counseled –not to be depressed- to focus on the child’s development   as  adviced. A follow up is also done to make sure that they are following the guidelines  given to them.This year camps were held in Dapoli(Ratnagiri) and Dicholi and Panji(Goa). 5 HI children were detected in Dapoli and they are regularly attending the  therapy at a place provided by Brahman Hitavardhini Patpedhi, Dapoli