Hrishikesh Patil

Hrishikesh can speak Marathi, English and Hindi. He has done M. Com., has won prizes in photography and is a hardcore trekker.Photos- compering, trekking photography prize.
“In spite of blowing the horn, Hrishi does not move out of the way”- This was a complaint from a person in the society where the Patils live. ”He does not pay attention to what is being taught in the class”- Another complaint against this cute 4 yr old boy!
After the above complaints his parents got the BERA test done. His hearing loss was 99-100%.They brought Hrishi a pocket model hearing aid and his mother took him to KEM for speech therapy once a week. They shifted him to a Marathi medium school. 
Since Mangaltai came from a village called Rukadi, near Kolhapur, she was not confident enough to teach him. But she always saw to it that he completed his homework in time. He started going to Modern High school from third standard and there  Mrs Ogale guided him in his studies.
The Patils shifted to Pune in 1984.The students were asked to learn and recite “Atharva Shirsh”(shloka on Lord Ganapati), Managaltai not being conversant with Sanskrit, could not teach it to Hrishi. Mrs Raksha Deshpande used to run the Unit for Hearing Impaired children at Moraya Hospital, Chinchwad. Hrishi’s father brought him to the Unit and requested her to teach him. Hrishi was also very keen to learn Atharva Shirsh. He said, “If other boys from my class can learn to recite it, so will I.” And he did it.
 And now, this young boy has passed M. Com. He is also keen on trekking and photography(his photographs have won prizes), and can speak Marathi, English and Hindi.