Irfaan Mulani

Irfaan Mulani- was detected at the right time-age 2yrs. So he got his speech therapy for a year and did his preschool very well from the age 3 to 6yrs at Swaranaad. He had his Cochlear Implant in 2015. He was taught in Hindi and has been integrated to a normal school in .
Irfaan Mulani was born on 13th Feb 2010. He was born deaf, but nobody realized it. When he was one and a half years old, his mother had a doubt that he did not respond when she stood behind him and spoke. Then his father took him to the family doctor, who guided them to an ENT doctor, who told them to get the BERA test done for Irfaan at YCM Hospital. There he was detected with 90% hearing loss in both ears. Irfaan’s parents immediately bought the appropriate hearing aid and started the therapy. His mother took him daily to YCM from Dehugaon for therapy. Six months passed, but Irfaan did not speak a single word. One day, when she was standing at the bus stop with Irfaan, he said ‘bhow bhow’ when he saw a dog there. “I was taken aback when I heard these sounds”, she told us. This meant that he was listening and paying attention in the speech therapy sessions for the last six months! 
Irfaan Mulani was three years old when he started going to Swaranaad. He has been a very charming boy, very enthusiastic and playful. He used a BTF hearing aid. Later on, his parents decided to go for the Cochlear Implant. This was exactly what he required to enhance his capacities. He started grasping things very quickly. His language acquisition took an upswing turn with the full cooperation and assistance of his family, especially his mother.
Irfaan continued on the path of progress in school. He took an active part in storytelling, acting and poetry recitation. He was at par with a normal child of his age. He even cracked jokes, which showed his cognitive skills and age-appropriate understanding.
He got promoted successfully every year and was integrated into a main stream school in 2016.