Manthan Kumbhar

Meet Manthan Rakesh Kumbhar! The second child of Rakesh and Padmavati Kumbhar. Manthan was born in a low socio economic family residing in Ichalkaranji of Kolhapur district. All was well until one day his mother noticed that Manthan was not responding to any sound stimulus, not even to a loud sound like that of firecracker. On consultation with Dr. Avinash Wachasundar and his team, Manthan was advised to undergo BERA, a test done to identify hearing loss. It was confirmed that Manthan was suffering from congenital sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) in both ears. He was also advised to undergo radiological investigations like CT and MRI scan of the temporal bones and a hearing aid trial. Rakesh and Padmavati's world came tumbling down when radiological investigations revealed that he had a rare cochlear(inner ear) abnormality known as Incomplete Partition (I.P.) defect type 3. Even the hearing aids weren't providing optimal benefit to him. Dr. Avinash and his team then concluded that the the only option to restore his hearing is a cochlear implant. A cochlear implant, recent advance in treating profound SNHL, is rather a very costly modality with treatment cost going upto Rs. 7,50,000/-. The patient has to take regular and vigorous auditory verbal therapy post operatively to attain good hearing and language development skills. This therapy has to be taken for 2 yearss and averagely costs around Rs 1,00,000/-. Bearing this total expense of Rs. 8,50,000/- was indeed a great challenge for the family. But without a cochlear implant Manthan would not be able hear and thus speak. After a toiling effort amidst the COVID crisis, the family managed to collect some funds for the surgery. Dr. Avinash Wachasundar's appeal to some generous donors helped in collecting the remaining funds.
The surgery was going to be a challenging one, owing to the congenital cochlear abnormality IP3. There was serious risk of CSF (brain fluid) leak due to direct communication of cochlea with the internal auditory meatus (IAM). If the leak wasn't stopped, it would have invited serious life threatening complication like meningitis which could surely prove to be fatal. Some of the other risks involved were facial paralysis, bleeding, damage to the balancing apparatus. After thorough counselling of the family and adequate vaccination, the surgery was finally planned on 26th March 2021. Dr. Avinash with his fellow associate Dr. Akshay and entire team of Moraya Hospital had prepared for the extreme challenges that would come their way during the surgery. The surgery, which lasted for 5 hours, was successfully completed by the team of surgeons headed by Dr. Avinash himself. The cochlear implant was successfully placed inside the cochlea and the CSF leak was completely stopped as well. But that was not the end of it. The post-operative recovery period of next 7 days was utmost vital. The child received proper antibiotics under pediatricians care to avoid any kind of infection. X-rays were done to check if the high pressure CSF leak had given way and dejected the implant out. But there were absolutely no signs of any kind of infection or the implant getting dejected out of the cochlea. The child showed good recovery and was discharged from the hospital on the 7th day after surgery.  
It's been 21 days post-surgery and the child is now ready for "switch on" of the implant. Manthan is finally going to enter the hearing world. This is indeed a delightful moment for his family. With the cochlear Implant and AVT, Dr. Avinash and his team have given Manthan the scope of overcoming his disability and getting integrated to the mainstream with his normal peers!