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A. Expenditure to start a unit @ Taluka Place

Sr.No Services  Expenses per month per person  Expenses per year (Rs.)
1. Honorarium – two special teachers Rs. 15,000/-per teacher  3,60,000.00
2. Honorarium for one attendant Rs. 6,000/- 72,000.00
3. Conveyance from Pune - driver Rs. 15,000/- month  1,80,000.00
4. Fuel cost  approx Rs. 12,500/- depending upon distance   1,50,000.00
5. Play & sound making toys, stationary  one time 50,000.00
6. Hearing aids    per child   40,000.00
7. a. Coordinator  - every month   Rs. 2,000/-per month 24,000.00
  b. Audiologist   - 4 times a year Rs. 2,000/-per visit 8,000.00    
  c. ENT Specialist  - every month Rs. 2,000/-per visit 24,000.00
  d. Psychologist   - twice a year Rs. 2,000/-per visit 4,000.00
  Total expences for the first year    8,72,000.00

B. Adopt a Child 

  1. For the first year Hearing aid + Expenses for the first year
    Rs. 40,000/- + 30,000/- =   Rs. 70,000.00
  2. From second year onwards till the child reaches age of 6 years            
    Rs. 30,000.00

C. You can contribute for : 

  1. Hearing aid for one child
    Rs. 40,000.00
  2. Expenses for one child for one year, which includes all the educational expenses, transportation, uniform etc.
    Rs. 30,000.00
  3. Bus transportation for one child for one year
    Rs. 12,000.00

D. Other activities:

  1. Sponsoring diagnostic and treatment camps
  2. Sponsoring costly diagnostic instruments of audiometry and vehicle for outreach programs
  3. Land /space for running all these programs-which requires a very generous financial support.



This is a unique project in which handicap of born deaf children is almost totally removed and Speech acquired by the children makes them eligible to take admission in normal schools.
Every year there has been increase in the admissions of Hearing Impaired children and this year 2016, 22 children have been admitted to this preschool..
With this rate of admissions a proper building for Swaranaad, preschool has become the foremost priority, At present the classes are in 2 shifts. But in spite of that next year there is going to be a problem as these children require small sound proof classrooms and that is not available in the present situation.
The requirement is approx as follows:
1) 20 classrooms of 150 sq ft each
2) Teacher’s room of 500 sq ft.
3) Principal’s room 150 sq ft.
4) Director’s room 180 sq ft.
5) Parent infant training rooms- 2 nos of 150 sq ft each.
6) Teacher’s Training courses classrooms-2 nos  of 300 sq ft. each
7) Creche for Hearing Impaired children whose mothers are taking training- 200 sq ft
1) ENT Doctor consulting room-300 sq ft
2) Reception and waiting area 200 sq ft
3) Audiometry   120 sq ft (sound proof)+120-consuting room
4) AVT/IQ/DQ rooms 240 sq ft
1) Administrative office 300 sq ft.
2) 4 - Store rooms for Adm unit ,Furniture and Sports/toys and educational equipment 120 sq ft each
To seat 200 people with proper stage and facility for PPT.
Every month there are  programs for development of these children which need an Auditorium.
Parking for 2 big buses, 10 cars and 50 two wheelers.
And a proper ground for physical activities of children.