About Us

Since 1998, Cochlea Pune, a registered charitable trust, is working in the field of Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired members of our society.

Cochlea Pune for Hearing and Speech is the centre,  where all efforts are made to make every Hearing Impaired baby speak, through early detection and intervention. 

Cochlea Pune focuses especially on young, congenitally born deaf children in the age group of 0 to 6 years.

Starting with one centre, one student and one teacher, it has today spread out to rural areas in Pune district and also to Goa. Around 35 teachers are assisting more than 125 children to hear, through hearing aids and providing speech therapy / pre-school training at our 9 centres.

Cochlea has a team consisting of ENT surgeon, audiologist, speech therapist, hearing aid technician, special educators,  psychologist and social workers.