Other FAQs

  1. What is hearing impairment ?
    Hearing impairment is when your child’s ears can’t do all the things they should be able to do. For example , your child might have muffled hearing, or he / she might not be able to hear sounds coming from some directions, or might have trouble hearing certain sounds.
  2. Why is early detection of hearing impairment & early intervention important ?
    Early detection of hearing impairment means your child can get early intervention and support. This can make a big difference to child’s language development as first 3 years of life are very crucial in development of speech and language. If your child has undiagnosed hearing impairment in early childhood, he/she could miss out on essential learning and development opportunities.
  3. At what age can hearing impairment be diagnosed ?
    Hearing impairment can be diagnosed as early as 24 hours after birth.
  4. At what age can hearing aid be put at the earliest ?
    Hearing aids can be given to a child of age 1 – 2 months after conducting all the necessary tests to confirm hearing  impairment .
  5. Will an older child start speaking immediately after wearing hearing aid for the first time ?
    No. Hearing aid is a tool which helps sound to reach the inner ear. It is not a medicine which will cure hearing impairment. Child has to undergo proper training from a speech therapist or a special teacher after wearing hearing aid to be able to speak.
  6. How long is speech therapy required ?
    This depends on the age at which the child starts using hearing aids and starts speech therapy. Younger the age of wearing hearing aid and starting speech therapy, better the outcome.
  7. Does the child have to wear hearing aid only during speech therapy sessions ?
    No. Child has to wear hearing aids as long as possible during the day, preferably throughout the day.
  8. Should the hearing be removed before the child goes to sleep ?
    Its ok if the child goes to sleep with the hearing aid.
  9. Will watching and listening to television help the child to learn speech once hearing aid is given ?
    No. Till the child learns speech and language from a teacher or a therapist, television would not help.
  10. What language is used in the preschool to teach hearing impaired children ?
    In the preschool, every child is taught in its mother-tongue as it becomes easier for the child to learn the language that is spoken at home.
  11. When can child learn additional language ?
    Once the child learns to use mother-tongue satisfactorily, additional language can be taught at the age of 3 to 4 years.

Deafness and Hereditary Hearing Loss Overview
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Success Stories

  • photo
    Irfaan Mulani

    Irfaan did his preschool very well from the age 3 to 6yrs at Swaranaad. He got promoted successfully every year and was integrated into a main stream school in 2016

  • photo
    Shraddha Shilimkar

    Shraddha progressed from a hearing impaired child who could not speak at the age of 6 to a young girl, who is a blackbelt holder in Karate, a bharat natyam dancer and has scored 65% in her SSC exams this year.

  • photo
    Siddhant Gaikwad

    Swaranaad is proud of him as he was admitted directly to second standard, After the principal took his test, she said, “he knows all and more than we teach in the first standard, so why waste his year. He was detected when he was two yrs old. After the speech therapy he joined Swaranaad.

  • photo
    Om Babar
    Om came to Cochlea at the age of four years. He became confident as he was getting good academic training in ‘Swaranaad’ in a group of 6 children and developed language skills in Manoram in a group of 60 children.

  • photo
    Asawari Kulkarni
    Asawari bagged the ‘Best Student’ award in June 2015.She has scored 89% marks in her SSC exams from a school for normal children. She has passes the Sanskrit “ Madhyama’ exam and is a good Bharat Natyam dancer.

  • photo
    Hrishkesh Patil
    Hrishikesh can speak Marathi, English and Hindi. He has done M. Com., has won prizes in photography and is a hardcore trekker.Photos- compering, trekking photography prize.