Siddhant Gaikwad

Siddhant Gaikwad – Swaranaad is proud of him as he was admitted directly to second standard, After the principal took his test, she said, “he knows all and more than we teach in the first standard, so why waste his year. He was detected when he was two yrs old. After the speech therapy he joined Swaranaad.
The Gaikwad family lived in Lonavala. It was a joint family and Siddhant was the apple of everyone’s eye. He was very active and mingled well with everybody. The big question then was why Siddhant did not speak. All the family members were worried about him.
After the BERA test his deafness was confirmed. He was then given a hearing aid and his therapy started immediately. His mother brought him daily to the Cochlea centre at RTO for therapy for one hour. He showed good progress in the first few months and from June 2013, started attending ‘Swaranaad’, the preschool for hearing impaired children. However, day by day, Siddhant’s mother found it very difficult to bring him to school in Pune from Lonavala as she had a daughter at home. So they all shifted to Pune and rented a room. 
All these efforts proved worthwhile as Siddhant was making very good progress, speaking from a single word to sentences. Basically he understood the meaning of each word and could form a sentence on his own.
Every year he took part in dance, drama, poetry recitation and storytelling in the Annual gathering of Swaranaad.
One thing will really make us proud.  Siddhant was taken to a normal school for his interview to be admitted in the 1st standard. When he finished his writing, reading and question-answer and speech test, the principal said “He knows everything we teach in the 1st standard, so we will admit him to the 2nd standard! Why waste his one year?”