Swaranaad- Preschool

Swaranaad- Preschool for young born deaf children.

A-6, Kapil  Towers, near RTO Pune, Raja Bhadur Mill marg, Pune 411001
Phone no 02065220450
Swaranaad - pre-school for HI children plays an important roll in nurturing the young minds in an appropriate atmosphere or environment for their best overall development.
The Trust started “Swaranaad” preschool on 15th June 2009, supported by 8 trained teachers and 5 support teachers for 25 deaf children in the age group 3 to 6 years.
Now there are 95 children and 26 teachers in Swaranaad. The number is increasing every year.
The basic aim of this preschool is to prepare young deaf children for integration into normal school.Thus paving the way for their formal schooling along with normal children and laying the foundation of their education 
All these activities enable our children to integrate with ease into a normal school.


  1. Audiological assessment from newborn babies to senior citizen.
  2. Language options available (Marathi, Hindi,English).school timings from 9 am to 1 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm.
  3. Bus facility available for children staying between Chikhali to Shivajinagar.
  4. As a special provision for children far away from pune, sessions are available during vacations on prior arrangement.

Success Stories

  • photo
    Irfaan Mulani

    Irfaan did his preschool very well from the age 3 to 6yrs at Swaranaad. He got promoted successfully every year and was integrated into a main stream school in 2016

  • photo
    Shraddha Shilimkar

    Shraddha progressed from a hearing impaired child who could not speak at the age of 6 to a young girl, who is a blackbelt holder in Karate, a bharat natyam dancer and has scored 65% in her SSC exams this year.

  • photo
    Siddhant Gaikwad

    Swaranaad is proud of him as he was admitted directly to second standard, After the principal took his test, she said, “he knows all and more than we teach in the first standard, so why waste his year. He was detected when he was two yrs old. After the speech therapy he joined Swaranaad.

  • photo
    Om Babar
    Om came to Cochlea at the age of four years. He became confident as he was getting good academic training in ‘Swaranaad’ in a group of 6 children and developed language skills in Manoram in a group of 60 children.

  • photo
    Asawari Kulkarni
    Asawari bagged the ‘Best Student’ award in June 2015.She has scored 89% marks in her SSC exams from a school for normal children. She has passes the Sanskrit “ Madhyama’ exam and is a good Bharat Natyam dancer.

  • photo
    Hrishkesh Patil
    Hrishikesh can speak Marathi, English and Hindi. He has done M. Com., has won prizes in photography and is a hardcore trekker.Photos- compering, trekking photography prize.