Why Cochlea

  1. Most important aspect of Cochlea is the Team at Cochlea, which consists of  ENT surgeon, audiologist, speech therapist, hearing aid technician, special educators,  psychologist and social workers.
  2. Children are tested for hearing disability at a very young age.
  3. If diagnosed with hearing disability, they are fitted with proper hearing aids
  4. Option of Cochlear Implant is explained if the child is found to be a suitable candidate for the same.
  5. Cochlear Implant surgery is carried out.
  6. Speech Therapy is started immediately, which helps the child to hear sounds and make sounds accordingly
  7. Mothers are made partner in the whole teaching process, so that they can help their child in learning even at home.-
  8. At our pre-school “Swaranaad”; children are imparted education in language, mathematics and general knowledge.
  9. Children are encouraged to join normal schools, after they complete our pre-school training.
  10. These children are able to compete with normal children, in normal schools and even come out with flying colours.